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Month: October, 2010

mini print collage originals

i put some prints of older work on top of some paper backgrounds on mini canvas tonight. these will be added to my etsy shop shortly. each piece is made individually and is one of a kind. i sign the final product and the edges are also finished with a matching design.

pupsicles: pencil + photoshop

for the past week i have been dreading the end of summer 2010. but it’s pretty safe to say it’s officially over when our pool gets covered up and all the patio furniture is locked away in the poolhouse. bare and depressing. it’s like saying goodbye to a little oasis in the backyard. in memory of this past summer i did some little sketches. pencil on blue paper and some subtle colors added with photoshop.

Happy Halloween #1: pencil + ink

in celebration of one of my favorite holidays i am posting this new drawing from my sketchbook. i am thinking of making this available as a halloween postcard. if you would like to pre-order a set please send me an email.

Lethal Infusion: pencil + ink

just a drawing from my sketchbook. i slopped in some color with photoshop. kinda messy but still worthy. i like playing off of fairy tales if you didn’t already pick up on that.

The Lookout: acrylic + wood

i just added a new painting to my inventory. it’s called “the lookout” and it is for sale as of now. for details check it out here: The Lookout.

Detail Shots:

P’cheen Solo Show

last month i was asked to hang some work on the wall at P’cheen here in Atlanta. all my paintings are still up so stop by & chow on some buzzworthy grub. some of the paintings have been sold so go experience them before they are taken down.

Captain Midnite: Purple Heart Vendetta Album Art

i like albums that tell stories. i like when those stories that are based on truth. this is one of those albums. i was lucky enough to get asked to work on the album art. special thanks to Griff J for the flawless layout and arrangement of it all. check out the Purple Heart Vendetta EP now available on iTunes from Captain Midnite and producer Casey Bates.

Bear Claws: watercolor + ink

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