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Month: December, 2010

squid vicious: ink + watercolors

weapons unused are useless weapons. but fight for survival & not for power.

extreme ways: ink + photoshop

most days she is just a girl. some days she needs to be fierce. confident. intimidating. sneaky. dominant. dangerous. or worse. those are the days she will make you cry wolf. by the time someone comes to your rescue she will have already gone back to just being a girl.

cut to the chase: ink + watercolors

there is no escaping a really good predator. especially one with endurance & stealth. but the things that you run from are not always what they seem. the key is to work your way to the top of the food chain by outsmarting your enemies. if you see yourself as the chaser then perfect your skills & go in for the kill. cut to the chase. it’s foolish to waste time.

guest book tag: Mark Bode

i was lucky enough to make it to miami this year for art basel with my ABV family. i was even luckier to meet so many reputable artists some of which tagged my sketchbook. this is a page that was hit by Mark Bode (son of the legendary Vaughn Bode) and he was nice enough to personally address it to me. without a doubt he is one of the nicest and most positive artists in the game. this was just one of the highlights from my trip & it’s a good one.

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