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Month: March, 2011

formspring Q & A

formspring question:

“wuts the one thing in life u wish u can do over or change?”

the things that don’t work out the way you wish they would usually end up turning into opportunities you never would have had. i don’t want to change the past as much as i want to change the future so i try to focus on always moving forward. and i don’t often look back.

AshLethal responded to PrinceRahiem1 on Formspring.

March @ ABV Gallery: Recaps

this month’s events at ABV were, once again, a huge success. We hosted an event with Common Creativ ATL & our monthly Drink & Doodle. i had the chance to be involved with both projects. stop by the gallery this month to check out both my pieces while you can or visit the Oh Snap Kid site to see the photo albums.

cold-blooded stalker – pencil + watercolor

when you create a monster it will never leave you. what you fear most is usually what can get the best of you. you can’t be safe. even in a slumber.

Album Art: C’est La Vie

Niko Villamor & Jason Effe team up to bring you a new mixtape titled “C’est La Vie” presented by CDRCLV. i was asked to create the album cover art for this duo’s latest project & you can download it now for free.

Drink & Doodle: Vol. 2 (3/23/11)

another month has gone by which means we are once again hosting Drink & Doodle. i will be participating with my residential ABV artists along with eight new doodlers. check out last month’s video to get a taste of what’s in store for volume 2.

birthrights – pencil on paper

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