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blue angel // acrylic on canvas // 2007

Jake & Lady Rainacorn Adventure Time- acrylic painting on canvas (sold)

Be Still – Watercolors & Ink


ARTLANTA 2012 // 6.30.12 // Hotel Indigo

i dropped off my newly finished piece earlier this morning for ARTlanta 2012. i won’t be posting any photos until after the opening so you have to stop by the Hotel Indigo to see it. the exhibit opens at 9pm and you can RSVP HERE. this event is free & check out this list of talented artists who will also be showing work:


Print Sale: Buy One, Get One Free

formspring Q & A

formspring question:

“wuts the one thing in life u wish u can do over or change?”

the things that don’t work out the way you wish they would usually end up turning into opportunities you never would have had. i don’t want to change the past as much as i want to change the future so i try to focus on always moving forward. and i don’t often look back.

AshLethal responded to PrinceRahiem1 on Formspring.

March @ ABV Gallery: Recaps

this month’s events at ABV were, once again, a huge success. We hosted an event with Common Creativ ATL & our monthly Drink & Doodle. i had the chance to be involved with both projects. stop by the gallery this month to check out both my pieces while you can or visit the Oh Snap Kid site to see the photo albums.

Drink & Doodle: Vol. 1 (2/2/11)

This week we are kicking off our first Drink & Doodle event at ABV Gallery. The first Wednesday of every month we have 12 artists gathering around one table to create & socialize. For more details please visit the ABV Blog. You can spot me in the trailer video along with Greg Mike & Wolfdog.

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